Emma Watson coined a new phrase consciously in-partnered. And I appreciate her independence and stance on the ridiculous notion that women need to pair up at a certain age in order to achieve validation by society. I grew up in a world where that goal of getting a ring was a right of passage, and I want my credit! But I also want to own my single-ness, sort of. I hate to use the words ‘it’s complicated’ because it’s really pretty simple. I am divorced with Joint Custody of my 12 year old daughter. We split up 11 years ago; which means that our parenting schedule is pretty much a routine.

So when I coined the term Single-ish, it was to clear up the confusion on a doctor’s intake form because at the time, I was living with my boyfriend. BTW, this is never a choice on the form! We are both divorced with children, and we live together. Every other weekend we have our kids. So, some weekends we are honeymooners and other times we are the Brady Bunch.

Since then he has moved out, but the term still works because I am single every other weekend and Thursday nights when my daughter stays with her dad, but I’m never alone because I always have my dog, which means that I always have responsibilities and obligations to care for another loved one.

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